“The Algea” by Chloe Rodgers

UK based indie singer/songwriter Chloe Rodgers comes to us with the sweet blend of folk and pop that is “The Algea”. With honest and vibrant verses and melodies she gives our senses an insightful and honest soundscape that will instantly speak to you as it paints a picture that is so human and so raw. The track comes together with a subtle yet powerful tale of growing up and the ups and downs that sadly seem to be part of finding love when you are young, innocent and immature. She explores her own reality and experiences and manages to share them in a way that is not only inviting but also quite relatable and captivating. Listen closely because there’s something special and so real hidden within this unique and amazing track. Enjoy!

The Algea is named after a group of Greek goddesses that are basically just mega depressed. I was definitely being over dramatic giving it that name. It was just about being a naive teenager looking for love but getting used by older dudes that knew exactly what they were doing

Chloe Rodgers

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