“This must be Christmas” by Kodaline

Irish indie pop band Kodaline are ready for the holidays and to show proof of this, they give the sonic and visual gem that is “This must be Christmas”. With a tender and warm touch they give life to a tale fit for the season and filled with hope and that sweet magic that seems to pop out of nowhere when December comes. The track invites the listener into a world that accepts both the young and old with open arms and ready to make them smile. There’s something about the experience that is truly beautiful and uniquely mesmerizing as it offers us a chance to forget the reality of the world nowadays and dive into something that they try to sell as anti-Christmas but personally made me smile even more. It’s the reality of the lyrics and the touch of magic in the video that does it for me and turns this song into a personal new addition for the season. The jury is out but I’ve made my choice and this is my cup of tea to get into the mood for the jolly old bearded man and his reindeers as they visit us all around the world and this season we are reminded of what matters most and makes our hearts rejoice. Enjoy!

“We’ve always wanted to write a Christmas song but we never actually got around to doing it until now. We’re excited to share ‘it must be Christmas’ with you. I suppose the song was influenced by The Pogues ‘Fairytale Of New Yor’k, it’s kind of an anti Christmas song about drowning your sorrows in the pub on Christmas. Anyway we hope you enjoy it.” – Kodaline

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