“Somebody Else” by Kat Meoz

Venezuelan-American Indie singer/songwriter Kat Meoz comes to us with the passionate and in your face musical creation that is “Somebody Else”. With this powerful showcase of feelings and emotions she grabs a hold of her voice and gives us the inspiration to grab a hold of ours as she reminds that our lives are ours to live. The lyrics and melodies complement each other perfectly as we are shown the fire that lies not only within her soul but also inside ours. There’s something about the experience that is instantly gratifying and so intoxicating as it pulls you to press play over and over again. The soundscape is one that delivers and feels mesmerizing from beginning to end as it comes alive quite beautifully connecting the dots and motivating us to do more than try to be someone else’s copy. So listen, see and dive into the world she has crafted with such passion and such care. Enjoy!

“It’s about not trying to live anyone’s life but your own. Just because you see people taking one path to success doesn’t mean copying that path will turn out the same. What I’ve experienced and who I’ve met is personal to me and my path. There is enough success in the world to go around and we all just have to take our own chances and trust the choices we make and listen to the signs we are given.

I apologize in the song because I’m sorry if I gave any advice that wasn’t good enough, but I had to make my own way and I had to trust myself. I don’t feel like a teacher or a mentor in this life, so I don’t pretend to be.” – Kat Meoz

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