“Lie to Me” by Vera Blue

Australian indie singer/songwriter Celia Pavey AKA Vera Blue comes to Wolf in a Suit with the intoxicating musical gem that is “Lie to Me”. With this honest and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives life to a tale that is so human and so raw making it so easy to connect with. The soundscape is quite mesmerizing and there’s a bittersweet touch about it that makes it stand out above the rest as it comes together and grabs a hold of our senses. Her voice guides us through this world she has created allowing us to feel it not only as hers but also as ours. The track is one of the most amazing sonic escapes I’ve had the pleasure to explore and I would gladly share the adventure with anyone. So listen, see and be in complete awe of this amazing indie goddess as she takes over the stage and gives our reality a few more shades of magic and emotion. Enjoy!

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