“By your side” by Leon Stanford

Up and coming UK based indie singer/songwriter Leon Stanford comes to Wolf in a Suit with the bittersweet yet extremely beautiful sonic gem that is “By your side”. This track comes with the right balance of classic magic and modern storytelling that allows it to connect with listeners no matter the age. The melodies and lyrics compliment each other perfectly allowing the soundscape to come alive and pull us into this world that he has created through honest and very real feelings and emotions. The track is a surprising reveal, for it seems to introduce itself as one for the romantics and the lovers, but in reality, it shows its true face with a short and sweet sentence: “Give me your hand, to give it away”. It’s about a father singing to her little girl that the love they share is one that knows no ends and that he’ll be there every step of the way until she meets someone special enough to share the responsibility and the love for her. The track hits home, for I hope to one day be a father and that my heart will tell me as it told me about my wife, “You’ll love her even after you die, beyond time and space she’ll own that piece of you for all eternity”. So listen closely and embrace this sweet dose of magic that he offers our senses. Enjoy!

“This is one of the first songs I really got excited about whilst writing on my iPhone smart keyboard before developing it more with Danny Owen on an old piano in my mate’s flat. The song is written for all to relate to about not giving up on love but one of the last lines of the song gives the true identity of the meaning. ‘Give me your hand, to give it away’. The song is about a father who through a breakup has lost time with watching his daughter grow up and it’s him saying to her that I’ll never give up on being part of your life.” – Leon Stanford

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