“Pretend you know” by Argonaut & Wasp

From New York come the uber-talented indie band Argonaut & Wasp with their latest music video for “Pretend you know”. With this refreshing and fun blend of melodies and lyrics, the guys take us on a trip to an unknown world crafted by their talent and passion. With it, they give wake to a unique and refreshing set of feelings and emotions that find a way to wake our imagination and play with our senses. The visuals perfectly complement the sonic side of the experience and make everything come together in a way that is simply so mesmerizing and amazing. There’s no denying that the soundscape is a treat for any music lover and it’s sure to become a fan favorite. So listen closely, open up your eyes and embrace the magic of this track. Enjoy!

It was a crazy dream… Imagine sitting in the backseat of a car with Smash Mouth’s Steve Harwell (but is he really Guy Fieri?) dressed up as Sergeant Pepper ripping down ‘66 with Mike D as Co-Pilot playing all the unreleased Beastie Boys demo’s. Yea… so we wrote a song about it.” – Trey of Argonaut & Wasp

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