“Just Breathe” by MIRI

The UK based indie singer/songwriter MIRI comes to Wolf in a Suit with a message and a purpose that is sure to connect with “Just Breathe”. With this soothing and inspiring blend of melodies and lyrics, she reminds every person that listens that they are not alone in the ups and downs of life that may try to push them to the ground. It’s a welcoming and understanding soundscape that brings peace to your senses as it connects not only with your imagination but with the reality that at times we keep hidden from the world. There’s something about the song that feels like exactly what we needed as the world takes on a new path and our minds start to find a struggle to keep us strong and pushing on. We all have moments in which we just want to say “I can’t anymore”, but she understands and offers a moment to breathe and reconnect not with others but with ourselves. Enjoy!

“Just Breathe is my message to anyone struggling mentally to please reach out for help. We are living in an incredibly stressful and intense time especially with the pandemic. It can all have a major impact on our mental health and wellbeing which is why it was important for me to release this track for WMHD. I also wanted to touch on the negative effects of social media – it’s not always easy to take a breather from it.” – MIRI

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