“Rollercoaster” by JUICYPEAR

Indie pop duo JUICYPEAR comes to us with a dance-perfect sonic gem in their latest single, “Rollercoaster”. With this track they feed our senses with a way array of feelings and emotions making the track so beautifully and uniquely intoxicating and hypnotizing. There’s something about it that puts a smile on your face and fills you with passion and energy as it comes alive and tells a story that will find a way to connect with you instantly. There’s no denying that they have crafted a must listen gem bound to be a fan favorite and to be placed in various playlists. So listen, smile and dance the night away as you explore the sweet magic of this soundscape. Enjoy!

Rollercoaster was written during our wedding planning season and if you’ve ever been married or ever helped plan a wedding YOU KNOW how crazy it can be. With emotions all over the place, family, finances, parties, lists, decor, dresses, venue, music, chairs, buffets, flowers it felt like we were riding a rollercoaster of life with all the ups and downs, zigs and zags never knowing what was going to happen next. The song makes you feel all the feels. The melodies and the instrumentation makes you wanna get up and dance and lay back and chill out all at the same time. “We’re on a roll and that’s a fact, full speed ahead no turning back.”  – JUICYPEAR


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