“TV” by The K’s

UK based indie rockers The K’s come to Wolf in a Suit for the first time and they make a statement with the sonic gem that is “TV”. With this in your face and electric soundscape, the guys explore the power of television and those that “live” in it as they serve fantasies of perfection that were truly never there. They understand how this distorted reality that is always showcased in the media becomes a sort of a goal for a young mind but as age starts to provide some necessary lessons, we can finally understand that what you see is not what you get. It’s all about well-written lies and staged perfect moments that will never come because they never did. It’s all about problems that feel so mundane when there’s so much going on in the world that requires our attention more than the celebrities, the reality stars, and all those who sell something while losing themselves to the lies and the paycheck they receive. So listen, explore and let the rebellious magic of this track grab a hold of you. Enjoy!

“I wrote ‘TV’ probably at the back end of last year. It’s about the way we are sold a completely blurred version of reality through the TV. They show us these “perfect” lives of celebrities and try to portray it as real life, but when you’re younger you tend to believe it and believe that’s the life that you should aim for. As you get older though you start to realise it’s all bollocks though.” – Jamie Boyle of The K’s

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