“Golden Sky” by JUICYPEAR

U.S. based Indie pop band JUICYPEAR comes to us with a catchy and playful musical gem with “Golden Sky”. With this enticing and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics, they give life to something so special that it is sure to pull us from reality and transport us all to a fantasy world. Within this new and exciting realm, your body can let go of all that it knows and simply dance to the rhythm and the beats of this intoxicating and fun soundscape. The vocals and melodies balance each other quite perfectly making sure our senses are able to instantly embrace the sweet release that lies hidden within this one of a kind sonic creation. The uber-talented duo has managed to connect with our imaginations and feed it a most amazing musical ambrosia, that you are sure to crave over and over again. So listen, imagine and dive into this world bound to get you hooked and excited. Enjoy!

“‘Golden Sky’ was written out of the pure excitement and anticipation of going to Santorini, Greece for our Honeymoon. Both of us were working so hard and the thought of flying to a little island for some well deserved R&R inspired us to write a whole song about it! The island of Santorini is world-famous for its cave architecture, blue dome roofs, and most of all it’s sunsets, hence the title of the song ‘Golden Sky.’ The lyrics and cool, relaxed vibe of the song are based on us being together, growing closer, forgetting about all our worries, and fully enjoying the moment and beauty around us. Basically living in a dream… ;)”  – Juicypear


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