“Forever and a night” by Viki Gabor

Up and coming indie singer/songwriter Viki Gabor comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the electro-pop gem that is “Forever and a night”. With this exciting and inviting soundscape, the young Polish artist gives us a much-needed escape from reality in a way that is sure to hit home for most. The track is an instant hit and manages to deliver all the necessary ingredients to grab a hold of our senses and feed our imagination with a sonic escape bound to be one for the books. Her voice flows with ease through the airwaves showcasing maturity and control that seems to be beyond her years, but she comes into our world with such maturity and presence that you can’t help but notice the fire that burns within her. The track is bound to be a fan favorite and one that pulls new people into her world and makes them avid followers of her musical creations. So listen, see and embrace the sweet release offered by this talented young artist. Enjoy!

“This song is really powerfull! I wish everyone could interpret my songs in their own way, but for me I feel like this one is about me and my friends who live abroad. It’s always really difficult to say goodbye to them”. – Viki Gabor

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