“Blue Moon” by Valley Latini

Indie singer/songwriter Valley Latini opens up her heart and soul and shares with the world the sweet magic of “Blue Moon”. With this gentle and uniquely nostalgic soundscape she invites us to explore a world of her own creation and find the hidden connection that dwells inside. The lyrics and melodies come to us joined hand in hand to truly give life to a tale meant to hit deep within us and make us feel as part of the story. There’s something here that it is sure to make this a must listen for any music lover and fan favorite. So listen, see and be hypnotized by this amazing track. Enjoy!

“I was always inspired by big ballads, and I always wanted to write one. I was listening to a lot of Lykke Li at the time. This song is mainly about being lonely in love. The song started in my Loft apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn… I played the whole thing on my Korg SV1 and recorded the demo in to Logic Pro. It started as a demo, and then I took it to producer Harper James, who helped me take my vision to the next level. This is the first track that I feel the most authentic and truest to who I am as an artist out of all of the music that I’ve released in the past. This is definitely my most vulnerable song to date.” – Valley Latini

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