“Big Technology” by Austin Ward

Indie singer/songwriter Austin Ward blends folk and rock in a perfect manner as he gives life to “Big Technology”. With this enticing and insightful musical creation, he invites us into a world where his walls have broken down and he is now ready to move forward. He understands that life is filled with ups and downs and a bittersweet flavor that at times remains at the tip of our tongue even when life is much sweeter than before. The soundscape comes into the world and connects with each and every sense making sure our imagination calls it home. There’s something so unique, so honest and so human about this track that it is sure to hit home for more than a few people. Enjoy!

“Big Technology’ is a letter to my former self… a meditation on what has been a very incongruous journey to where I stand today, grateful and fulfilled, sharing the gift of music. The song details navigating the futile existentialism of working for a technology giant, while finding one’s true voice and higher purpose along the way. It is an emotive, self-reflective riot meant to be stomped to, that is in one part catharsis, and another a cry for help. Welcome to my autobiography.” – Austin Ward

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