“Emotional” by Sarah Barrios

Up and coming indie singer/songwriter Sarah Barrios shares with us the insightful and personal must listen gem that is “Emotional”. The lyrics and melodies come together as she comes apart and opens up her heart and soul to the listener to invite us to do the same. The track is an invitation to explore the reality of life and how emotions soar from one end to the other in a way that is unique to each and every person. The soundscape is a refreshing escape from the reality and burden of the every day as we can feel a connection that is so raw and so personal with the story that unfolds that we can truly let go of all that holds us down and simply be happy with who we are. Enjoy!

I’ve always felt like a person who has a lot of feelings, a lot of the time and that kind of emotional whiplash can be pretty overwhelming. I got to the point where I was just like, why am I like this? Why does everything feel so intense all the time?” – Sarah Barrios

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