“December” by Ivory Layne

With down to earth and a unique union of nostalgia and hope, the up and coming uber-talented Ivory Layne conquers our hearts and souls with “December”. With this refreshingly honest and human soundscape, she understands that life is full of good and bad and that we must understand and grow from this. There’s not always going to be a dark cloud over us and the good times won’t always be there either, but life is magical like that and in everything, there’s a sweet joy that allows us to grow. This track hits home for most if not all of the world as it currently sits in a stage of fear and adaptation to a new normal. It serves to speak to us in a manner that is comprehensive and unique soothing and inviting. So listen carefully and know that the bad times will pass and a new season shall come. Enjoy!

“The idea behind ‘December’ is life having many seasons which subject us to changes in our circumstances and outlook. But it flips the at-times negative, (‘nothing lasts forever’), into a hopeful promise – rough patches aren’t permanent, (‘this too shall pass’). The song has become even more therapeutic to me during Covid-19, as the uncertainty and isolation associated with quarantining has weighed heavily on the world. Nothing does last forever – we are in our December. The song sets the tone and sonic feel of the EP, which feels like a new chapter of art and music for me, and I’m excited to share it with the world.” – Ivory Layne

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