“Burning Bridges” by Django Stewart

UK based indie singer/songwriter Django Stewart blends pop and electronica in a mesmerizing and unique manner with “Burning Bridges”. With this refreshing and down to earth track he with the assistance of Tyler explores the reality of some in which they fall in love while being a relationship that is dying. The track is intoxicating and flows with such refreshing and enticing passion that there’s no denying the fact that you are bound to be hooked by it from the start. The voices compliment each other so perfectly and at times become one making for a one of a kind adventure through an unknown and welcoming sonic realm. Enjoy!

‘The track is about being in a relationship that’s dying, and subsequently falling in love with someone else. I was in the Bahamas when I was sent the beat. Me and Tyler, who features on the track, danced around talking about crushes and wrote the whole thing in a heartbeat.” – Django Stewart

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