“The Grave” by LOWBORN

Indie rockers LOWBORN arrive for the first time in the lands of the Wolf in a Suit and they do so with the electric in your face gem that is “The Grave”. With this refreshing and rebellious blend of melodies and lyrics, the guys paint a picture that is sure to seem eerily familiar to more than a few listeners. The verses manage to flow one after the other making sure our imagination and our senses connected the dots and felt the connection with the story that unfolds within the track. There’s something about the soundscape that catches you off guard and yet manages to instantly pull you and make you every single note and every single word as it all came together for one hell of a musical experience. Enjoy!

“‘The Grave’ is removing yourself from someone’s life, someone you love but you couldn’t keep watching them go down the dark path they were going down. Now you just kinda see them around and it’s like seeing a zombie or a ghost.” – Wes Lauterbach of LOWBORN


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