“Dynamite” by BTS

South Korean powerhouse BTS share with the world their first ever track that is fully in English, say hello to the masterpiece that is “Dynamite”. With this track the guys continue to grow their star as they shine brighter and brighter and show the world that not even the sky is the limit for them. The soundscape is playful and so infectious and fun that you can’t help but smile and move to the rhythm and the sounds of this sweet escape. The track is an amazing addition to their ever growing body of work and the guys continue to embrace the magic of music as they explore different genres and sounds to craft their own brand. There’s something about the sonic experience that is full of positive vibes that you can’t help but feel so good and so joyful as it comes alive and takes over the airwaves that surround you. So listen and embrace the magic that the guys have hidden within each verse and each note. Enjoy!

World you know their names already, but let me remind you one more time: RM, V, J-Hope, Suga, Jin, Jimin and Jungkook are here to take over the world with their sound.

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