“Let your love burn out” by Howlin’ Circus

Canadian indie rockers Howlin’ Circus come to us with the raw and in your face masterpiece that is “Let your love burn out”. With this exciting and honest blend of melodies and lyrics, they serve us realness that is sure to hit you like a bag full of bricks but after that first hit, you are sure to ask for more and more. The track is an amazing example of old school and new school rock coming together to make up a unique experience that invites all fans of the genre into a world sure to hit a few nerves. So dive into this musical creation and escape from reality as the story comes alive and pulls you in. Enjoy!

“I wanted to explore how you get from passionate, burning love to absolutely nothing within such a short space of time – something that many of us have experienced in big cities with dating apps. Technology helps us connect but it also makes it easier to break up, to let go, to move onto something new. And at the same time you can still keep tabs on all your exes, which probably isn’t all that healthy.” – Jafar Sandouk of Howlin’ Circus

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