“California” by somegirlnamedanna

Up and coming indie singer/songwriter somegirlnamedanna comes to us with a tale that is sure to connect with many listeners around the globe with “California”. The track is a most amazing addition to the pop genre that takes a welcomed and refreshing approach that is sure to pull you in. The lyrics and melodies come together and blend with pure magic as the soundscape unfolds and tells a story that will truly speak to your heart and soul. The fragile yet hopeful nature of the human heart is perfectly showcased within this track and it really puts a smile on your face. Enjoy!

“Distance and love combined is such a difficult thing. “california” is about being separated by thousands of miles, and wanting to be with someone, but it just isn’t even close to reality. I wrote this from a place of hope, almost a dream state wanting something that doesn’t feel realistic.” – somegirlnamedanna

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