“In this Rough” by TWO

Indie pop-rock duo TWO come to us with the electric and exciting must listen showcase of honesty that is “In this rough”. With this track, they open up their hearts and souls and invite us to understand that we are alone in this adventure called life. Pain is part of the experiences that make up our existence in this world and we are reminded also that it’s not the only thing that makes it up. The soundscape is quite mesmerizing and manages to perfectly connect with the visuals making for a truly amazing and honest exploration of a musical realm. They truly understand the beauty in the bittersweet and serve us not only realness but something bigger than that which is quite universal for all who listen. So listen carefully and embrace the sweet release offered by this mesmerizing musical gem. Enjoy!

“It’s one of the most honest pieces of music I have ever written. With our video, I truly feel that Dan brought to life the raw emotion that I felt when I first put these words down on paper. I went through some dark times trying to find the kind of surrender that is expressed in this song. What did pain teach me? It taught me that true relief comes from letting go. Pain is the resistance to letting go, for the actual letting go is painless. What is beyond the pain is more simple. Its stillness. And that is the core challenge of life. To learn to let go of everything. For we have no other choice. This experience is temporary. And when you achieve letting go, when you loosen your grip, peace is found.” – Aja Volkman of TWO

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