“The Critic” by Didirri

Australian indie singer/songwriter Didirri comes to us once more with the honest and refreshingly inviting musical gem that is “The Critic”. With this down to earth blend of melodies and lyrics, he explores the fragile nature of the human spirit as we sometimes tend to over-think and search for all that could be wrong even inside something so beautiful as love. He knows that our minds take route whether we like it or not and then end up hurting not only others but ourselves as well. The track is a reflection of a young artist with an old soul that serves to find an instant connection with his listeners for he knows that he is not alone in criticizing. He knows that those actions are wrong and aims to not only grow but to invite us to do the same. Enjoy!

“The act of criticizing something can often ruin it. It may seem like the most intelligent move to analyze your every action, but make sure you don’t over correct and start to see things beyond what is actually going on.

Love needs to be free of criticism to flourish. You aren’t the expert in your relationship; you are half of the team and half of the problem.” – Didirri

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