“Somebody” by OSKA

From Austria comes indie-pop singer/songwriter/musical goddess OSKA with the bittersweet and intoxicating musical reality of “Somebody”. With this down to earth and honest blend of melodies and lyrics, she wonders just like we have if love is based on hopes and dreams of what others hope you would be or in meeting the real you. It’s a soundscape that we can all relate to as it explores moments in life that we have all gone through and might even go through once or twice again. She knows that love while beautiful comes with doubts and questions that come alive as the fragile reality of the human existence always manages to creep in. So listen and explore the sweet and down to earth escape offered by this amazing track. Enjoy!

“’Somebody’ is about the first stages of a romantic relationship and the insecurities that often crop up. Can you be yourself completely around this new person in your life, or do you have to pretend to be somebody else to feel liked and accepted? On the other hand, you might ask yourself if this person is just excited by the idea of who you are, instead of liking you for who you truly are.” – OSKA

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