“Brigade” by Basic White

Canadian indie rock band Basic White comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the electric and rebellious musical escape that is “Brigade”. With this exciting and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics, the band explores the power and magic of coming together and pushing forward as a team towards a common goal. The track is a modern-day anthem that invites the listener to find the fire that lies dormant inside them while embracing the warmth and magic that can be found in being part of something bigger than yourself. So listen carefully and dive into this realm that they have crafted and join this team the guys have started. Enjoy!

“I had the idea for Brigade way back, and it’s pretty much about the early days and starting the band, and starting your own brigade, starting your own team where you don’t have to rely on anybody else kind of deal. I played a lot of hockey growing up, so I think the team concept to me is really cool and important, so that kind of idea of starting your own team. I find that this song more than any of the other songs had a real radio- friendly vibe to it. But it’s super anthemic and super up-tempo, and it’s a good dancer for sure.” – Riley White of Basic White

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