“Talking in my sleep” by A is for Arrows

Canadian indie-pop band A is for Arrows comes to us with the mesmerizing and honest musical gem that is “Talking in my sleep”. With this refreshingly raw and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics, they step away from the fear of not knowing what the reply to saying I love You will be. It’s a fear that most of us have at one point in time and honestly, it could end up being quite overpowering and stressful. But there’s a sweet dose of what the human heart and soul can achieve as we are able to try to say those beautiful three words even when we know that our heart could be crushed if the reply is not what we hope for. The soundscape is truly one of the most amazing I’ve heard this year and gives us a much-needed escape from the current reality of the world and we are reminded of the magic of love. Enjoy! 

“…you’re scared of the words ‘I love you’ slipping from your lips at the wrong time out of fear that it won’t be enough. That the words alone aren’t enough to express what this person means to you.– Alessia of A is for Arrows

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