“Dead Inside” by Lo Lo

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Lo Lo comes to us with the inviting and inspired soundscape of “Dead Inside”. With this refreshing, soothing, and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics she reminisces of dark times that are now part of her past and how someone came and gave her a ray of hope that reminded her that hear beats and soul yearns for something special. As the track takes shape and form we are reminded of this as well as start to picture that person who makes us feel so alive and so special. Thankfully I have someone like that and I hope you do as well, but if you don’t please don’t stress out because life comes at us differently and maybe that person is out there looking for you and in some cases that person was always present for it was you. This track does not aim to point you in one specific path but instead invite you to search for your own reason to push forward every day. Enjoy!

Do you ever get that hollow feeling— the one that reminds you you’ve been feeling nothing at all?I call that feeling ‘dead inside’. Sometimes you don’t realize how dead inside you’ve become, until you wake up and snap out of it…. Kinda like that first breath, when you just realized you haven’t taken one in a while. I wrote Dead Inside about a dark time. I was really struggling, going through the motions of everyday life and trying to put on a smile. I felt numb. I didn’t talk to anybody about how I was feeling. I could barely admit it to myself. A year later, I finally connected with someone who helped me feel like ‘me’ again. Sometimes, all it takes is a little reminder from somebody that cares about you, to make you feel alive. I hope when you listen to this song, it makes you think about that person who always seems to know how to bring you back to life– Lo Lo

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