“‘Cause I” by Steve Major

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Steve Major comes to us with the catchy and honest soundscape of the musical gem that is “Cause I”. With this track, he explores a painful reality that is so personal yet manages to find the right balance to truly connect with all who listen to it. The melodies and lyrics are quite intoxicating and lush as they perfectly combine with the visuals making for an experience that is sure to be one of a kind and pull you in. The soundscape manages to give the harsh verses and toned down feel that allows the story to unfold with a more subtle and playful approach. So listen, see and enjoy the escape offered by the visuals and sounds of this one of a kind modern-day must listen track. 

” …No more thinking about you and the way we used to be

Baby, please go and let me move on from what we know

If I could walk a thousand miles, I wish I could walk a thousand miles…”

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