“Tears, Sweat, Blood” by DC

From London, UK comes the uber-talented up and coming hip-hop artist DC with the intoxicating musical reality of “Tears, Sweat, Blood”. With this honest and powerful soundscape, he embraces the grind and hustle that he went through as he pushed and pushed to make sure his name became known. He understands that you gotta work harder than anyone else if you want to find success and if you want to make it big because nothing comes to those who wait and simply relax and believe things should come to them. He understands that you have to keep on testing yourself and making sure that each you put a record out, it’s better than the previous one. He does not shy away from hard work and knows that to get to the top you have to go through the bottom to really enjoy the fruits that come with success. So listen carefully and be inspired by his story and his adventure through life and the music scene. Enjoy!

TSB, is a song that’s inspired by the overall grind and being on the end. Regardless of what goes on in our lives we still gotta keep focused on our goals and put everything into whatever we want to do. This ones another reflective one for me as I talk on some of the moments and situations I’ve been in and the effects it has had one “In the field all day but still man pray cos my soul needs healing, still tryna ghost these demons” The video builds on the creative elements me and LX introduced in Neighbourhood where fans where able to catch onto the double meaning from that Neighbourhood, like The Wire and orange couch reference. In TSB I really wanted to represent the elements of our community that are quite damaged and the positives that are still come from there by performing behind broken glass.”  – DC

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