“Love one another” by Tay Da Prince ft. John Legend

Up and coming Hip Hop artist Tay Da Prince joins forces with the musical force of nature that is John Legend to give us all a sweet dose of something amazing with “Love one another”. With this powerful and inspiring blend of melodies and lyrics, they remind us that the world can seem bleak and dark at times, but there’s so much more than just that, there’s so much love waiting to be given and received. The soundscape grabs you softly and invites you to smile and pay attention as a lesson is taught about those that are different from you as we are given a chance to enlighten ourselves and really see that love is the answer. This track comes as a wake-up call and really connects with the Black Lives Matter movement in a way that is so beautiful and so down to earth making it impossible for the message to not be heard and understood. This truly is one of the most significant and amazing soundscapes of 2020 and I invite you to dive into it and really explore something new. Enjoy!

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