“Run Baby” by Grace Blue

Indie pop singer/songwriter Grace Blue comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the passionate and electric must listen gem that is “Run Baby”. With this exquisite musical creation, she gives free rein to her voice as we are guided through a world of her own creation that manages to feel so personal yet so universal at the same time. The track explores the dark side of relationships as she reminds us that sadly we live in a world where the fantasies seem to get a hold of us and when reality hits, it really disappoints. She embraces her anger and frustration while finding the right dose of feelings and emotions to also empower herself. She invites us to enter her soundscape and know that we are free to be true to ourselves for she, like us, knows that some relationships are just so unreal and bittersweet that you just want to yell and break free. So embrace her melodies and lyrics and find yourself diving through this rabbit hole she has crafted. Enjoy!

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