“Night Follows” by Anna Graceman

Indie singer/songwriter Anna Graceman comes to Wolf in a Suit with an exquisite and quite haunting sonic escape in her must listen gem, “Night Follows”. With this blend of melodies and lyrics she draws inspiration from life and a sad experience that marked her but didn’t break her, instead she was able to find her strength once more and come out stronger. Her voice shines through quite beautifully and serves to guide us through a soundscape so lush, so raw and so awe inspiring. The soundscape is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most amazing I’ve had the pleasure to explore as of late. It invites you instantly and speaks to you in a way that just clicks and serves to empower you as it did her. Enjoy!

“It’s hard to understand why bad things happen. For me, I haven’t been able to find a reason why I had these experiences. But I’ve been able to find a light amidst the darkness. I’ve been able to channel my experience into a song. A song that will hopefully speak to others who have their own fears and struggles following them around. I’m still working through things. The things I’ve been through have continued to follow me, but will no longer keep me awake. I can take the way the night behaves.” – Anna Graceman 

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