“Where are all the boys?” by Alexina

UK based indie singer/songwriter Alexina comes to Wolf in a Suit with a question that has been asked by more than one person with “Where are all the boys?”. With this in your face and mesmerizing soundscape she talks about the current trend of flattery and boasting that seems to be part of the dating scene where is less about the sustenance of what makes a person real and more about showcasing how much their wallets can hold. The lyrics and melodies come together quite nicely and hit you like a bucket of ice that really delivers the message and makes sure you pay attention to the story that dwells within it. Her voice is perfection and serves as the perfect guide to pull you in and explore the harsh reality that resides within the soundscape of this must listen contemporary hit. So dive into this world she has crafted for you are sure to find a reflection of your own experiences. Enjoy!

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