“Heaven on my mind” by Becky Hill ft. Sigala

Indie singer/songwriter Becky Hill joins forces with DJ/Producer Sigala to deliver the intoxicating musical experience that is “Heaven on my mind”. With this mesmerizing and passionate collaboration both artists give life to a world that is so lush and so beautiful that you just can’t stop yourself from craving more and more of it. The soundscape is bold and playful as it invites you into a place where you can let go of all you know and simple let the unknown grab you and feed your senses a much needed sonic ambrosia. There’s something about this track that is only enhanced by the visuals making the experience complete and truly one of a kind. So listen, see and dive into this world that they have crafted. Enjoy!

“‘Heaven On My Mind’ has had a different journey and creative process from my other songs I’ve released. When Sigala first sent me ideas for the song, it was during a dark time for me last year, and so it wasn’t a track that I would have ever started writing myself – it was so pure and carefree… But that actually made me want to work on it and make it as personal as possible and release it. And after having big success with Sigala on our track ‘Wish you Well’, I had such a high respect and love for him and was over the moon he wanted to collaborate with me again!” – Becky Hill

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