“New Job” by Dance Lessons

UK based Indie pop band Dance Lessons comes to Wolf in a Suit with the sonically intoxicating musical realm of “New Job”. With this exquisite and passionate blend of melodies and lyrics the band gives life to a tale that is sure to feel so familiar and so real to most of us. They explore the aftermath of a breakup as you mind keeps on thinking and remembering all that once was and you just want to be distracted with something else. The soundscape understands that we are weak and our minds tend to make it hard to move on and therefore we just want to find an escape and it could anything from a new hobby to a new job. So listen and connect with the beauty and relatable touch served by this fantastic musical creation. Enjoy!

For fans of: The XX

“New Job has been like a self-fulfilling prophecy. It was never meant to become personal. I initially wrote it late last year – before a break-up. Afterwards, I went on a mad search for new ways to distract myself. The song shows the similarities in perspective of two people post-breakup, both using distractions to mask the sadness.” – Ann of Dance Lessons

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