“Everything’s good” by Phil Good

Indie singer/songwriter Phil Good comes to us with a sarcastic yet much needed message to be heard by all with his latest, “Everything’s good”. With this track he explores his own ups and downs in life and embrace the reality of the good and the bad that come with them. He knows that there are times when things won’t go your way and no matter how hard you try it might not be meant for you to have. The soundscape embraces the reality and duality of our existence in a way that is fun for not only our senses but our imagination as well. He does make it clear that while he is being sarcastic in his examples, we must try our best to look at the bright side and aim to always see the silver lining in this adventure we all call life. Enjoy!

“Even though I’m sarcastically saying that ‘everything’s good’ in the song, I think it’s important to be optimistic and remind yourself and those around you that things could always be much worse. You’re still here, reading this on your phone, maybe on the couch or the toilet.. who knows. But you’re alive and breathing and that alone is pretty ‘everything’s good’ right now.” – Phil Good

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