“Both still young” by Dzeko ft. Keith Urban

Dzeko joins forces with Keith Urban and together they unite EDM and country to deliver the romantic and mesmerizing experience that is “Both Still Young”. With this exquisite and passionate soundscape they give life to a tale of love and growing up without forgetting who and what matters most. The track is so pure and so beautiful that there is no denying how marvelous it is as it brings something much needed to the world in the current times. They remind us that love is there and that if you are lucky and blessed to have found that special person you must make sure you never forget this and that you love him/her/they with all your being no matter how old you get. It’s a playful and refreshing take on the sentiment of wanting to love someone forever as it invites you to not only do this but to always love them as if each day was a new chance to fall in love again. Enjoy!

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