“Black Lives Matter” by Dax

Canadian Hip Hop artist Dax comes to Wolf in a Suit with a powerful soundscape that echoes on the message of a movement taking the world by storm : “Black Lives Matter”. With this post I will take it a different route and invite you to carefully pay attention to every single verse within this track because there are some serious lessons waiting to be heard here. The track is a powerful modern day anthem that understands the reality of our lives and others even if you are trying to tell yourself that you are not affected by it and it should not concern you because you don’t know anyone like that or you are not like that (ask yourself why did you have to defend your lack of action if you are not doing anything bad).

If you come at me in a post or a message or whatever and simply say “All lives matter”, I won’t get angry at you but I will question you and ask about all the lives that have been lost, did they matter? Those who are from a different country, religion, sex/gender, race and so much more …do they matter to you? or will you shield yourself with  the old excuses: people should follow the law (Just like the people that demanded a hair cut with shot-guns and military grade weapons did?), the bible (read it again and really pay attention to the way Jesus lived his life before you use this one) or the ever so famous …”I’m not racist, I got a black friend who…” (why does the color of his/her skin matter, she is your friend, right?). So listen because this track is not to pick a fight but to hold hands and learn something new as we push forward to a future were everyone can truly have a dream and equal opportunities to make sure we can all turn those dreams into realities. 

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