“…I wasn’t looking for a silver lining but
I guess the universe was doing what it does
Cause I struck gold and it was you
I wasn’t looking for a silver lining but
Finding you, it made me wanna fall in love
So in love, cause you’re my
Gold rush…”

“Goldrush” by Stela Cole

Indie singer/songwriter Stela Cole comes to us with the most amazing track for when you are in love in her latest musical gem, “Goldrush”. With this refreshing and romantic blend of melodies and lyrics she talks about love and how the unknown of this feeling can grab you out of nowhere and fill you with something so magical and so beautiful. The flow of the soundscape is an instant must for any music lover as it comes alive from the very first second making for an excellent addition to any playlist. Plus the visuals perfectly complement the sonic side of the experience bring it all to complete perfection to feed our senses as well as our hearts and souls. There’s something about this track that is sure to wake the butterflies inside you stomach as they flutter once more like never before. Enjoy!

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