“Someone else’s eyes” by Whale City

German indie pop band Whale City come back to Wolf in a Suit with the official music video for their must listen gem, “Someone else’s eyes”. With this refreshing and powerfully inspiring soundscape they invite all who listen to carefully pay attention to the lyrics because there’s a message that needs to be heard. They understand that some people have more privilege than others and invite us all to aim to get to know each other as the reminisce about the old saying, “Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes”. At times we are stuck on our ways and only see the world as it affects us and nobody else, but sadly that’s not how anything works. We all don’t have the same tools and opportunities and the worst parts is that we  judge each other differently based on the color of our skin, sexual preference, religious beliefs, and so many areas that simply should not matter. So listen closely and keep your eyes open because this soundscape has something to tell to you, me and everyone. Enjoy!

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