“The Cage” by L.A. Salami

UK based indie singer/songwriter L.A. Salami comes to us with a much needed dose of reality in his latest musical creation, “The Cage”. With this refreshing and powerful blend of melodies and lyrics he explores the cages in which we still find ourselves in and invites us to speak up and break free from these. The track is so honest and so intoxicating that there’s no stopping yourself from questioning the threads of your own reality as the track opens your senses to the struggles beyond your four walls. It’s a much needed dose of down to earth melodies and lyrics that make for a must listen soundscape that lands perfectly within the current music scene. His voice serves us perfection and makes for the right guidance as we explore the ins and outs of his verses and aim to learn something from it because it does hold valuable tales that will surely remain embedded in our memories. Enjoy!

“I suppose this video represents my tearing up of old dead plans and re-establishing who I am and what I am and what the world means to me in lieu of what it really is to itself in the universe where we are simply organism that reside on it. I fell in love with the Ruff Mercy collective and instantly thought that the style would suit the single version of the song.” – L.A. Salami

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