“Show me how to love” by Hoger

Dutch indie singer/songwriter Hoger comes to Wolf in a Suit with the vivid and mesmerizing musical creation that is “Show me how to love”. With this refreshing exploration of the definition of love he reminds us that what is right for one person could be opposite for the other. He knows that love is not black and white but instead filled all the colors in the world as we are all unique and experience things in our own ways. We might find it endearing to be told “I love you” all day long while the other person would rather you hold them close and keep quiet because that’s what love means for them. It’s about waling away from the selfish nature of the human condition and aim to understand each other better and if not possible then maybe it’s necessary to walk away. It’s not a song about a fantasy but about the reality of what means to be in love with someone. Enjoy!

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