“Beacon Call” by Pauric O’Meara

Irish indie singer/songwriter Pauric O’Meara comes to us with the uplifting and mesmerizing musical creation that is “Beacon Call”. With this refreshing and honestly, much needed blend of melodies and lyrics he invites us to smile and to be happy and accept the good with the bad. He does not aim to cover the sun with his thumb, but instead wants to provide with a bit of a ray of light in these dark and troubling times. The soundscape flows with ease through the airwaves and the visual approach shows how this amazing track affects not only him, but many others. So listen, see and spread some happiness because the world desperately needs this as well. By saying this I am telling to not speak up and part of the right side of history, but to remember that the world is not only made of the bad and has a lot of god in it. Enjoy!

“Beacon Call is a very fitting end to the story told through this EP. Its energetic from the get go, I feel as though it will give the listener a real lift of euphoria, which is exactly what I wanted to achieve.” – Pauric O’Meara

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