“No Love” by Noak Hellsing

Up and coming Swedish indie singer/songwriter Noak Hellsing comes to Wolf in a Suit with the bittersweet tale that is “No Love”. With this refreshingly honest and raw blend of melodies and lyrics, he steps away from the fantasies and fairytales that seem to surround the feeling of love and instead embrace the darker side of it. With this soundscape, he reminds us that there are times in which no matter how hard we try and how much we lie to ourselves, we just cannot make something be what it no longer is. It’s a punch straight to the gut but it comes with a unique and refreshing understanding of what love can be and how not to push it beyond the breaking point. It provides us with a valuable lesson that shows that his talent knows no bounds and that he might be more mature than most people older than him when it comes to matters of love. Enjoy!

”’No Love’ is about being something, or that you have been something with someone and tried to do the best of the situation. However, in the end you realize that you have no love left to give”  – Noak Hellsing

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