“Bitter Pills” by Velvet Starlings

Up and coming Los Angeles based indie rock band Velvet Starlings comes to Wolf in a Suit with the mesmerizing and electric gem that is “Bitter Pills”. With this refreshing blend of old school and new school sounds the band proposes something new and refreshing to the indie rock music scene. The soundscape is intoxicating from beginning to end and becomes an instant fan favorite as it traverses the airwaves with such passion and promise that you can’t help but want to hear it over and over again. There’s something about the sound that is reminiscent of some amazing bands from the UK such as Arctic Monkeys and Catfish and the Bottlemen but they manage to keep unique and so theirs that you’ll immediately connect it with them. So dive into this mesmerizing realm they have created and embrace the sound of the brightest bands to come out into the music scene as of late. Enjoy!

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