“On the edge now

Don’t wanna look down

Five years and we still don’t even know

Where we’re landing

Cuz we’re just dancing

Round the fear that we might have to be…”

“Youth” by Alex Di Leo

Indie singer/songwriter Alex Di Leo comes to Wolf in a Suit with the mesmerizing and honest must-listen track that is “Youth”. With this song, he explores the ups and downs of life and the changes that come when growing up and how these affect your love life. The soundscape is an honest quest for an answer that might come but the doubt remains as you wonder and wonder if you should move forward or let yourself get pulled by the past. It’s a refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics that gives the pop genre a more down to earth and human touch that is sure to connect with the listeners. The visuals are subtle yet full of life and color connecting perfectly with the overall vibe of the sounds and verses. So listen carefully and enjoy the sweet ride that is inviting us on.

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