“Kitchen Table” by somegirlnamedanna

Indie singer/songwriter somegirlnamedanna comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first with the perfect track to put a smile on all our faces, say hello to “Kitchen Table”. With this beautiful and charming blend of melodies and lyrics, she remembers her youth and how the most amazing thing we had was spending time with those we love. As we grow, these moments become harder and harder to experience but they will always be part of the films our memories hold and always bring a smile forth on any occasion. It’s a beautiful and soothing soundscape that personally, reminded me of all those moments shared between my parents and my brothers. It’s not about the fancy things or where you’ve been but maybe a game night playing UNO or just talking about the week that has passed as you are having a hard time learning division and so forth. It’s about a childhood that should always be magical no matter the size of the material things that were part of it. So listen, explore, and remember the sweet joy that was part of all this as you grow and hopefully get to create new experiences with your own family. Enjoy!

“The kitchen table growing up is where so many important moments happened—talking with my family about anything from how my day was to some of the most defining moments of my life. The sense of connection and support I needed all happened when we were sitting there together. For me, that kitchen table reminds me of the people I love and where I came from, and it holds so many memories that I look back on.” – somegirlnamedanna

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