“Lay me down” by Ben Hazlewood

From New Zealand comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Ben Hazlewood with the mesmerizing track that is “Lay me down”. With vivid visuals, well-structured choreographies, and intoxicating vocals he gives life to an instant hit within the pop genre. The track takes shape and form beautifully as it caresses the airwaves giving life to a tale that is sure to connect with music lovers around the globe. There’s honestly nothing wrong with this soundscape and his voice manages to pull us in an instant as our imagination finds a connection with the verses. He has given the pop music scene with a much-needed facelift as his sound is unique and refreshing. Listen, see, and explore the realm he has created. Enjoy!

“This song is about yearning for the comfort of the one you love, trying to find peace in a time surrounded by darkness” – Ben Hazlewood

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