“A tape called life” by Wolf & Moon

From Germany come the uber-talented indie folk-rock duo Wolf & Moon with the mesmerizing musical creation that is “A tape called life”. They previously caught my attention and imagination with the track version only and this time around they are sure to pull you deeper down their rabbit hole with the music video. With this refreshing and honest soundscape, they talk about life and about the past, the present, and the future in a way that is relatable and quite charming. There’s something about the track that is so human and so perfectly connected with what goes through our minds from time to time that it makes for an instant connection. The soundscape is amazing and allows us to not only embrace the magic of the adventure but to feel the verses as telling our story. Enjoy!

‘”Everything used to be better in the old days….” Is that really true? Even if it was true, it would be too depressing to believe because the past is never coming back. All we got is now and there is so much to experience in life. The song is about the balance of being in the now and dreaming about a future.’ – Wolf & Moon

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