“Sedate it until you look at yourself
Longing for someone to help or know to,
But it’s too much
Too much to talk about, give it up, let it die
There are far more difficult things in life…”

“Dissolve” by Secret Shame

U.S. based Indie band Secret Shame comes to Wolf in a Suit with the mesmerizing and honest soundscape of “Dissolve”. With this much-needed dose of escapism we are served with a unique blend of melodies and lyrics that will instantly grab you. The arrangement flows with ease and manages to serve something new to the pop music scene that will grab you and connect on a deeper level. The soundscape is without a doubt a must for any music lover, plus the visuals and the sounds complement each other perfectly. So dive into the world crafted by the music video and embrace the sweet release provided by this musical experience. Listen, see, and enjoy!

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