“Look no further” by Flawes

UK based indie-pop band Flawes comes to Wolf in a Suit with a stripped back version of their must listen gem, “Look no further”. With this approach, they take a few steps back from the office and focus a little more on the feelings and emotions that lay hidden within the verses. The melodies and lyrics come together so beautifully to give life to a soundscape that instantly captures your attention and plays with your imagination. The track flows with ease through the airwaves giving life to the story that dwells within the track, providing a unique chance to explore a vivid and honest realm. So dive into this world they have created with passion and love and embrace the sweet escape that it provides. Enjoy!

“‘Lowlights’ is a selection of songs from our debut album that have been stripped right down to their bare bones. We love to create a huge wall of sound when playing live, so to mix things up we decided to challenge ourselves and take the complete opposite approach” explain the band “The songs are so exposed, there’s almost nowhere to hide. ‘Don’t Count Me Out’ in particular is literally just a piano and vocal, taking the song right back to where it started life.” – Flawes

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